Allendale Elementary School is another Pittsfield Public School that Barry Architects helped bring into the 21st century.  The voices of administrators, city officials, teachers, parents, and students were instrumental in the design phase of the project.  Their words, in combination with Barry Architect’s commitment to excellence and an alliance of expert consultants, helped ensure that the school community received a facility that fulfilled all of their needs and some of their wants.  The expanded and fully renovated facility, which accommodate approximately 400 students, is both pragmatic and aesthetic.  High quality finishes, roofs, windows, furnishings, and equipment are some of the features that make the new and improved Allendale a more comfortable learning environment. New entrances were added to provide the community with easy access to the gym, cafeteria, and technology/media center, while securing the general instructional areas. Barry Architects and the City of Pittsfield maintained their commitment to technology by equipping Allendale with a fully integrated, state of the art digitally controlled HVAC system as well as updated telephone, intercom, security, and fire alarm systems. Each classroom also received cable jacks and internet access.  The media/technology center, the featured area of the project, was also outfitted with the most current educational technology.  During the project, Barry Architects collaborated with General Electric, the DEP, and other environmental experts for the removal of hazardous waste like PCBs, asbestos, and abandoned oil tanks. Care was taken to help guarantee the health and safety of all children, adults, and animals occupying the school grounds. The final product was a safe structure produced on time and on budget that lies at the heart of the community and will undoubtedly produce the minds of the future.