The Southfield Corporation project was a historical restoration of a 200 year-old farmhouse. The project included additions, extensive site work, and the construction of a second residence and office facility.  Landscaping and site work included pools, tennis courts, a terrace, and gardens. Six stone dams and ponds were also built to create waterfalls adjacent to the residence.  The entire residence was restored and construction with historically appropriate detailing.  Custom windows with individual panes of thermopane glass were installed throughout the house to match the originals.  Wood molding was handmade. A stair builder and a cabinet specialist were brought in to construct these specialty items. A wood carver was hired to carve mahogany column capitals and pilasters, while stone and tile masons cut and set 16 slabs of Italian marble and tile. The restoration of the original residence and the construction of the new one took approximately two years to complete.