The Redfield House is a supportive housing program set up to house teenage mothers and their infants. It originally contained 24 residences, and eight new units were built in the unused attic. The existing apartments on the first and second floors were renovated with new finishes and mechanical and emergency systems.  Handicap accessibility was also improved.  The first floor became the main entrance because it was closest to the parking lot, and a new elevator and accessible apartment were also installed and constructed.  The first floor was also renovated to house six social agencies that can serve up to 75 members of the Redfield House and the surrounding community. These agencies include the Berkshire Center for Families and Children, the Teen Parent Program, the V.N.A., Pass, and Wick. Funding for this project was provided by the Massachusetts Government Land Bank, the City of Pittsfield, H.U.D., local banking\ institutions, and the United Way.