The Curtis, located in the heart of the Lenox Historic District, has been in continuous operation since 1776. Presidents Lincoln, Grant, and both Roosevelts were among the many famous guests of the hotel, the “Crown Jewel” of Lenox. The stately colonial brick structure was historically restored in the early 1980s. The restoration provided for a mixed use facility that housed 72 apartments, offices, and retail shops.  The project was divided into three phases.  Phase one was a publicly bid demolition project that removed a number of outdated mechanical buildings, chimneys, a storage building, houses, kitchen facilities, and a pool from the site. Phase two was the construction of the housing and exterior site development. Phase three was the historical restoration of the first floor commercial and office area. This area now includes art galleries, boutique shops, and real estate and travel agencies.  The renovation was extensive and all building systems were totally replaced.  The entire lot was also relandscaped and the main floor of the structure was carefully restored. This process included restoration of classical details like fluted columns and ceiling beams, antique brass chandeliers, chrome and brass wall sconces, fireplaces, doors, and windows.  The restoration of the 76,000 SF structure left The Curtis and the center of Lenox ready to enter the 2st century. All work was respectfully done to maintain the historic character of this great site. The project was nominated for a Governor’s Design Award.